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Scubayorp is an outreach business that uses star gazing, rocketry and space science to bridge the gap between the knowledge of current and past science with individuals and groups of the general public. Run by translational scientist and presenter Rob Hunt, Scubayorp caters for corporate meetings and conferences, as well as community and recreational groups, schools and similar institutions.

Scubayorp presentations are based on the needs and requirements of the customer and/or a schedule that is offered. All events recognise the appropriate indigenous land, and fully adhere to government guidelines and legislation. Prior to any event, great care is taken to obtain all appropriate and required permits and memberships, and that necessary qualifications are in place.


Ningaloo Eclipse Cruise

Exmouth 17 – 23 April, 2023

17-23 April

Ningaloo Eclipse Cruise – Exmouth

The Astronomical Society of Australia’s Education and Public Outreach Committee requested nominations for speakers onboard P&O’s Ningaloo Eclipse Cruise. I was selected as one of the 10 experienced and knowledgeable astronomers who will deliver fascinating talks, workshops, sky tours, and ad hoc chats about all things eclipse and astronomy. More info about eclipses on the ASA website.


Rob Hunt

First let me say that I feel privileged to live in the South-West of this amazing land. I was born and raised on Mooro Noongar boodja and I respect and support their culture, their leaders and their future.

My business name is personal. I’m a diver and Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus reminds me of my 1970’s biology degree during which I learned that terrestrial life probably originated in the ocean. 35 years later, my Astronomy Masters offered up the Yarkovsky-O’Keefe-Radzievskii-Paddack effect that describes how sunlight contributes to the orbits of small solar system bodies. YORP counterbalances SCUBA by reminding me of our cosmological origins. The name also attracts a lot of questions and cool subsequent discussions!

While raising a family and building an off-grid adobe home in regional Australia, I gained further qualifications and work experience across a wide range of education and science fields. A science teaching degree, and a training certificate, placed me in a variety of environments where I found my passion for sharing knowledge of this amazing world. After more post graduate study and work forays into space science, agricultural science, food technology, land rehabilitation, PhD-level academia, and computing amongst much else, I have settled into my most rewarding activity – helping the general public understand connections between their bodies, lives, planet, and cosmos.

I use this background, and some pretty cool equipment, to deliver plain English, fun, hands-on events to a wide range of audiences.